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22 November 2012 — Low calories without sugars and fats

Frozen Yo+ STV sweetened with stevia

The first yoghurt without added sugars and sweetened with stevia, the natural sweetener appreciated all over the world. For this version, all sugars (except of lactose, which milk and yoghurt contain naturally) were eliminated. Their partial replacement with fibres makes the product “rich in fibres”. The total calories of the product amount to 70 kcal/100 grams, thus 30% less than any other fat-free frozen yoghurt: a value which is very close to the pure fresh yoghurt.


All that without affecting the persistent and fresh flavour and the creamy and rich texture, even without fats and during the preparation, as we can use easily water and yoghurt at a room temperature. The Frozen Yo+ STV is the product that the frozen yoghurt market was expecting.